Ivan Luiz de Carvalho – Movement in Color – 8 avril – 17 mai 2013

   8 avril – 17 mai 2013


Ivan Luiz de Carvalho


Movement in Color

Oil on canvas   


Sometimes the paintings people create are as colorful as the lives they live. This is the story of a flamboyant Brazilian artist on the move, now showing his work in Switzerland.

Ivan Luiz de Carvalho is a well-traveled South American cosmopolitan born in a family of ten children in Miraselva, a small village in southern Brazil. As a young teenager he became an orphan, an experience that changed his life forever. He and his siblings were all taken in by family members and he learned that in order to pursue a passion one needs to take bold steps and risks.

At the age of twenty he left the south and moved to Rio de Janeiro where he first earned a living as a fashion model and worked for a marketing agency for a while. During his academic education in Theater Arts he began to paint and to create sculptures. Later on he also added a professional education in photography but “I deliberately started out as an actor” Ivan Luiz recalls, “for it earned a steady income which enabled me to paint and sculpt at the same time.” Rio appeared to be the perfect place to show his work to an eager audience of buyers. Gallery clients, art dealers and tourists alike picked up on his vivid images of life, sports and dance, always full of energy and color. Invitations to exhibit in galleries in Rio and other parts of Brazil followed. Participation in several art competitions resulted in a silver medal for his unique paintings and sculptures that can now be found in collections in Europe, the United States and Japan.

His colors are vibrant, the textures luscious and the sensation of movement is always present. He not only created canvases but designed big wall paintings as well. Murals require accurately proportioned compositions on a large surface, which is not easy. But, as Ivan Luiz explains, “those things always came naturally to me. I had the right dimensions in my head from the start.”

In the early nineties he returned to the south of Brazil, to Curitiba, the capital of Paranà, to be closer to his family again. An affluent part of the country due to its blooming industry, trading and commerce, the place was a center of activity, development and money. But Ivan Luiz formed his own impression. “In Curitiba life is very different from what I experienced in Rio. There is more distance among the people and they are living closed rather than open lives. In Rio people can be poor and happy.  In the south they are wealthy but seldom content. Although I was a successful photographer, it was not the part of the country where I wanted to stay forever.”

In 1994 he met his future wife, married and had three children. In order to support his growing family he became a representative of renowned fashion brands and traveled extensively.

In 2006 he and his loved ones moved to Switzerland, his wife’s country of origin. He found work in art gallery Artheos in Lausanne where he learned to frame and restore art work.  The job allowed for more time to paint.  Life worked out well in this new situation and he was happy to be able to give his children a European education.

“I have no regrets about the move,” Ivan Luiz states. “I have seen everything: poverty, riches, good and bad times, but in the end the most important part of our lives are our children. If you can give them the heritage of a good education you can send them into the world with something nobody can ever take away from them. At an artistic level I will always be painting, wherever I live, staying true to my own style and subjects.”

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Gusta van Dobbenburgh



Movement in Color

Ivan Luiz de Carvalho,

Oil on canvas




April 8 – May 17

Monday through Friday

8h45 – 17h00

Location: ELA Gallery,

Room 010

Vernissage: Thursday, April 11, 18h00 – 20h00


More info: www.astie.epfl.ch   gussony@ yahoo.com

Or call: 021 691 1188