Bogdan Lazar, Magic Hour, Twilight photography – 21 septembre – 29 octobre 2010

   21 septembre – 29 octobre 2010


Bogdan Lazar

“Magic Hour”

Twilight photography


“Magic Hour”

Photography by Bogdan Lazar, showcasing the world’s photogenic subjects during multihued moments of dusk

Bogdan Lazar is an EPFL PhD student. However, before he became part of the Laboratory for Computer-Aided-Design and Production, in order to write his thesis on “Proccess-planning optimization in drilling of fiber reinforced composites” an academic exchange program took him to the Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology in Japan.

Originally from Romania, this meant that he was very far from home. While in Tokyo, where he met his future wife along the way, he felt the need to share his experiences with friends and family back home.  A few months into the program he bought a Canon lxus 5, a digital point-and-shoot camera. He became instantly hooked to taking pictures, and shared them with his loved ones in Romania hot off the press.

Later on, Bogdan stumbled upon a start-up company that had launched an on-line business selling images of photographers from around the world to web designers and other publishers. Up till now he has sold thousands of licenses of the 800 pictures that make up his largest portfolio. His images were published in magazines, books and shown on web pages.  Not only did his experiences in Japan trigger a second career as a photographer, but they were also the beginning of an interesting learning curve. “It has not been about selling pictures,” Bogdan states, “for when an image was not accepted by an agency, it made me think about a way to obtain a better quality photograph. On the other hand the popularity of an accepted picture was a sign of appreciation of the subject and of its quality.” There was always something to learn.

On the occasion of his upcoming ELA show we are invited to take a peek into the world of twilight.  In photographers’ circles the hour before sundown is referred to as the ‘golden hour,’ while the hour after sunset is known as the ‘blue hour.’ “My first shots during the golden hour, when the warm light provides the perfect setting for photography, happened by chance,” Bogdan remembers. “I have tried to repeat the success of those images by making good use of the sun’s position in the sky and by placing myself in the best possible way with regard to the subject,  in order to obtain the best result.” At present Bogdan uses an entry level professional digital camera, a Canon EOS 500D with two good quality lenses, to achieve that kind of outcome.

 The revenue of the agencies has enabled Bogdan to reinvest in better equipment and to take more trips. The past year he has become interested in a new technique, called HDR (High Dynamic Range) that allows him to produce images with an original look. All Bogdan’s images for the ELA show were taken during the blue hours of the evening, with the use of HDR.                                                                   The selection of pictures for his show “Magic Hour” was put together with the help and feed back of a group of friends, who gave him their immediate and straightforward comment.  

And magical his photographs are. Whether a building or intersection in Japan, a castle in Switzerland, or a majestic row of dreamy old houses on an Amsterdam canal, Bogdan’s images immerse the subjects in a soft glowing atmosphere that takes us into the land of photographic wonder.  As his images take the spectator by the hand on a late afternoon or early evening stroll, it is not surprising that the colors in the sky vary from grey blue to dark blue, to pink, magenta and purple. They wrap the architectural scenery in a veil that creates a sense of peace. Don’t miss this magical mystery tour.

Enjoy the show!


“Magic Hour”                                                                                                    

Photography by Bogdan Lazar

ELA Art Space, Room 010

 September 20 – October 29, 2010

Vernissage:  Thursday, September 23, 2010, 18h00 – 20h00