Darko Blago, Blue Skies and Earth Tones – 20 février – 6 avril 2012

20 février – 6 avril 2012 

“Blue Skies and Earth Tones”

Darko Blago, oil paintings on canvas



Some of us believe that once we choose a profession it should be a vocation for life. Others go with the flow and discover that the initial journey leads to something new, unexpected and exciting. Here is an example of an artistic chef who followed the road less traveled.


Darko Blago was born in 1970 in Serbia. It was there that he had his professional training and became a chef cook. With the intention to refine his professional skills he came to Lausanne in 1989, wanting to learn more about Switzerland’s rich and international cuisine and to work in the restaurant industry.

He always painted as a child, and his teachers very much approved his work in crayon, water color, egg tempera and oil.  But little did he know at that point that he would end up a full time visual artist. What started out as a small passion grew bigger and bigger until fine art became a necessary part of his life.

At first thought that may seem a very different venue from his earlier endeavors. But we may discover that cooking and painting actually do have some things in common. Both métiers require an abundance of creativity. For example, a well-prepared and beautifully arranged dish benefits as much from a tasteful combination of colors and layout as an elaborately painted composition. One could say that the dish is a cook’s canvas while the canvas serves as a painter’s platter. A cook seasons his creations with spices to deepen their taste; a painter builds up layers of color to intensify the atmosphere he wants his pigments to evoke.

And let’s not forget scent. While admitting that a cooking workshop smells differently from an artist’s atelier, the strong-scented alchemy of different elements and substances in a painter’s studio can be just as exciting as the aromas in a kitchen where a tasty soup is spreading its fragrant bouquet.

How about chemistry? Anybody who has tried their luck at cooking may have experienced the thrill of a velvety smooth sauce (or the frustration over a separated one), depending on whether the fusion of ingredients was (or wasn’t) the right one. Likewise, the mixing of an artist’s creamy or powdered pigments can result in both smooth and flocculated substances that have different applications (or need to be thrown out).


And what artistic ingredients the Arc Lémanique had to offer! Where can one find a better choice in mountains, lakes, plains and fields in a constantly changing light so close together?

Darko had his first solo exposition at Galerie d’Arfie in Denges. At that time he still combined his artistic aspirations with his culinary work. But when his appetite for painting grew the transition from creating repasts to mixing (other) colors seemed only logic, so much so that he now has a spacious studio in Yverdons-les-Bains, where he creates new canvases with energy. Currently his favorite medium is oil paint. It proves to be the perfect medium to record the vast spaces of Vaud on his large canvases that are of an abundant straightforward-ness.

This paradox pertains especially to his lakescapes. They seem simplistically direct, yet contain a huge array of subtle shades of blue, echoing a professional representation of skies and water, reflection and light. They invite to an up-close glance to absorb the out-door atmosphere.

Darko’s countryside is always rich in nuances of earth tones. They depict extensive meadows, verdant fields, and slopes of farmland that reach out to faraway horizons. The soil is almost palpable, heavy and thick, while the imaginary wind takes hold of one’s thoughts.

Like his former plates, Darko creates his paintings with a strong and profound taste for life.

Enjoy the show!


Gusta van Dobbenburgh



“Blue Skies and Earth Tones”

Darko Blago, oil paintings on canvas


Show: February 20 – April 6

Monday through Friday 8h45 – 17h00

Location: ELA Gallery, Room 010

More info: http://astie.epfl.ch/, or call: 021 691 1188