Yvonne Schwarz – Quartiers de Lausanne et environs – 4 Mai – 19 juin 2009

4 Mai – 19 juin 2009

Yvonne Schwarz

Quartiers de Lausanne et environs

An artistic tour through Lausanne and environs on oil and canvas: The moving pieces of Yvonne Schwarz


If you ever wondered what it would be like to explore Lausanne and its surrounding area all in one space then here is your chance to find out. Yvonne Schwarz, born in Zürich, but a resident of Lausanne for the past twenty years, will be having her vivid collection of local scenes on display this spring at the ELA art café.


Yvonne Schwarz traveled extensively before she settled down on the slopes of Lac Leman, because she liked to travel, and earlier in her life because she flew as a stewardess for Swiss Airlines. After having finished her studies in Suisse Romande, she also lived outside its borders for some time and spent five years in Florence, Italy, where she worked for a jeweler. She chose Florence ‘Pour l’amour de l’Italie’ as she describes it herself. She loves everything about the country, from its people and architecture to its history and cuisine. Because she was a person who deeply appreciated the arts early on, Florence seemed to be the perfect Italian gem to live for a while. However, after five years she began to miss her homeland, and she settled on the slopes of Lake Geneva, among other reasons because the simply loves to live by the water. Although she kept working for a while, these days she has found a balance between her family life, sport and painting.


Yvonne is an art autodidact; she began to paint at the age of twenty and did not take any classes until 1999, when she met Veronique Walter in Lausanne. Even though she had mainly used water colors in the past, at that time she completely switched to oil on canvas.


Yvonne leads a very active and sporty life and likes to move a lot, sometimes with speed; she loves to be outdoors and walks, swims, bikes and runs; she even ran a marathon once. Her way of painting seems to fit her lifestyle, for her oil paintings are produced in an energetic way as well. Her approach is very direct. She never makes a primary sketch, for her sketches are in her head. She applies the paint directly onto the canvas, without the application of the classic white background, and she does not make any changes: ‘the first layer is usually the best‘. Yvonne uses white spirit and some linseed oil to get the right paint substance, and once her pieces are finished, she does not cover them with a varnish, for that would make them look ‘too shiny and therefore too unnatural‘.


What are her favorite subjects? Old houses, the Leman area including its lake, the sea, foreign scenes and cypresses (a relict from her days in Florence) and of course, sports. It seems that because of her energetic lifestyle her art moves as well. Even a peaceful cityscape seems to be in motion, for her brushstrokes are quick and light and make the image come alive and breathe. More often than not she spectator discovers an impressionist-like aspect in her work. Yvonne captures moods and atmospheres, rather than details. That is why we can almost walk around in her canvases, and imagine ourselves to actually be in Lausanne, along the lake, or on a sunny hill, while others take us back in time, when a small alleyway reminds us of a bygone era. It that sense, Yvonne’s work ‘moves’ us also: the ambiance in her work can make us feel good.


Yvonne has participated in various art manifestations. Her expositions have led her to galleries throughout the area, from the hospital of Lavaux and the Institution de Béthanie to the Hirslanden Clinique Cécil. The Hirslanden Bois-Cerf division commissioned her to create no less than 16 pieces, in order to decorate their building. Being the fast worker that she is, that was no problem for her. And so she went for it, with her usual energy, fervor and passion. Visit her artistic tour through the area; you are in for a vivid spring walk.

Enjoy the show!


Gusta van Dobbenburgh



Yvonne Schwarz

“Quartiers de Lausanne et environs”

a collection of oil paintings on canvas

Exposition: May 4 – June 19, 2009

Vernissage: Thursday, May 7, 2009

Location: ELA 010

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 8h45-17h00

Information: gusta@botanical.nl or 021 691 1188